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Major Events in San Clemente

Even though the weather and season changes in Southern California, people and families can still enjoy various activities and events in Orange County. Read on if you want to know the different events in San Clemente this fall. Event: Disney Race Weekend runDisney Health and Fitness Expo Date: August 31,...

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San Clemente Farmers Market

Looking for fresh produce in San Clemente? On Sundays, the San Clemente Farmers Market has a display of the freshest produce from local farmers. From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, you can choose from a wide selection of organically grown fruits and vegetables. Get to meet new friends too! San...

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Retirement at San Clemente

San Clemente is famous for its small-town feel and world-class local surfing scene. Some people would say that it's a city that best fits two kinds of people. One, those who want to enjoy the humble beach culture lifestyle. Two, those who want to live in a suburban environment while...

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Easy Romantic Recipes in San Clemente

Show your love to your partner in many ways. Offer gifts or go on a date night to a fancy restaurant in San Clemente. Well, you don’t have to spend much to show your love to your loved one. Sometimes, the best and the most romantic thing you can do...

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Best Hiking Trails in San Clemente

San Clemente isn't only attracting tourists with its beautiful beaches. The city has many trails where you can go hiking, running and biking. Plus, you get excellent views of nature as you explore around San Clemente.  But where should you go for a hike? If you're looking for the best...

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Enjoying Sunsets in San Clemente Coastline

They say the best things in life are for free just like love, family, and SUNSETS! It’s one of nature’s gift to humankind we all love. Sunsets have this magic that’ll make you feel magical and at peace. San Clemente offers one of the best views of sunsets in Southern...

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Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens

The Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens is an art and historic landmark in Southern California. It’s an award-winning gem that offers a wide selection of performances, lectures, and exhibitions to its visitors. Locals and other curious minds can also benefit from the workshops and tours that are available year-round....

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Shopping Guide to Downtown San Clemente

Being a tourist doesn’t only have to be about visiting tourist attractions and historical spots. When visiting Orange County, going to malls and various shops in the city can be part of the itinerary. Whether you’re out for a shopping spree or enjoy window shopping, a shopping guide to downtown...

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A Guide to Trestles Beach in San Clemente

Perfect weather all year round, no doubt San Clemente is one of the fascinating cities in Orange County. The Spanish Village by the sea has an amazing environment, weather, and BEACHES! One of the well-known beaches in the city is Trestles Beach, a haven for surfing enthusiasts. Trestles Beach is...

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A Complete 2019 Guide to San Clemente Pier

611 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, California The laid-back town of San Clemente is known for its majestic beaches, sunsets, and a lot more amazing things. One of the best places to enjoy the most of what the city brings is visiting the San Clemente Pier. It’s where most locals and...

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Activities Under $10 in San Clemente

Stress can sometimes be overwhelming. Most of the time, not handling them properly take a toll on your body. This is why saying yes to a quick break is vital once in a while. Taking a short walk down a lovely beachside trail or having a dip in the pool...

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Interesting Facts About San Clemente

San Clemente is famous for its rich history and lovely coastal destinations. While the city makes it noticeable how it attracts tourists every year, the city also has stories unknown to many. Know this California city by reading the following interesting facts about San Clemente. How did San Clemente get...

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Water Sports in San Clemente

San Clemente is one of Orange county's wave-rich jewel. Surfing enthusiasts visit this city to experience the vast splendor that this place has to offer. If you're coming to San Clemente, surfing might just be one of the many water sports to try. Here are the few must-try water sports...

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Visiting the San Clemente Pier

San Clemente is one of the most precious gems in Orange County. It's famous because of its state beaches, surf breaks, and sandstone bluffs. With coastal trails and plenty of other stuff to do. Perhaps the best place to go to in San Clemente is the San Clemente Pier. The...

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San Clemente Tourism Statistics

Explorers and passing settlers have been admiring the beautiful San Clemente even before it became today's 'Spanish Village by the sea.' As it's known for its natural gifts like it's hills, mountains, and pleasant climate, its strong ocean waves have significantly been pulling tourists to its shores. Fiscal Impact of...

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Best Surfing Places in San Clemente, California

Surfing in San Clemente can bring you a unique surfing experience in the Orange County. This wave-rich city is a jewel and your perfect location for your surf trip. If you’re itching to ride the waves, get on board and check out the best surfing spots in San Clemente! San...

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Beach Camping in San Clemente

When it comes to beaches in California, many people choose San Clemente for it’s overall beach culture. There are over 4.5 miles of beaches stretched throughout the city which make it the ideal spot for any beach lover. You can dip into the deep blue sea or surf the waves...

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San Clemente Beach Rules and Laws

San Clemente is a place where beaches, foods, and cultures are in abundance. When there are things in abundance, it is normal to impose strict rules and laws. This principle applies just the same with San Clemente beaches. San Clemente has long preserved its beaches and its attractions. They have...

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Fishing in San Clemente

Fishing is a great sport and an ideal bonding activity for the family or just between friends. It isn’t only for recreational purposes, but there are also competitions. Well, fishing isn’t only for men but also women. It's a common recreational activity in San Clemente. Although recreational fishing has rules,...

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Fun Activities in San Clemente

One of the best cities in Orange County is San Clemente, a Spanish village by the sea. A wide array of beaches, its shopping districts, the San Clemente Pier, its quiet yet bustling neighborhood, places to eat and a whole lot more. With a whole lot of things to offer,...

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