San Clemente

Your Guide to San Clemente

San Clemente isn’t only attracting tourists with its beautiful beaches. The city has many trails where you can go hiking, running and biking. Plus, you get excellent views of nature as you explore around San Clemente. 

But where should you go for a hike?

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in San Clemente, California, we’ve got you covered. Some hiking trails are even pet-friendly, so you can have a hiking buddy.

Roller Coaster

Level: Moderate

Distance: 4.7 miles

Elevation: 787 feet

Route Type: Loop

If you talk about the Roller Coaster trail, you’ll get an idea of what type of trail it is. It’s hilly, hence the name. And the “roller coaster-y” area makes an excellent spot for an intense workout. 

With a 4.7-mile moderately challenging loop trail, you’ll enjoy any outdoor activity here. Plus, dogs can access this trail. You can enjoy the Roller Coaster with your pet and get the chance to see plants, trees, and wildlife.

San Clemente State Beach

Level: Easy

Distance: 7.2 kilometers

Elevation: 17 meters

Route Type: Out and Back

If strolling along the beach is something you’d love to do, go to San Clemente State Beach. This 7.2-km trail offers excellent ocean views.  It can become crowded at times in this out and back trail in San Clemente, California. People come here to walk their dogs, go hiking, or biking. Lots of activities happen here all year-round. And yes, you can bring your dog. They can use this trail as long as they’re kept on leash.

San Mateo Canyon Loop Trail

Level: Moderate

Distance: 4.5 kilometers

Elevation: 144 meters

Route Type: Loop

The San Mateo Canyon Loop Trail is an open space with little to no trail markers. You won’t be able to find trees or shade here, so it’s best to wear a hat and sunglasses while using this trail. People come here for hiking, biking and trail running. You can bring your dog along but must be on a leash. 

North Los Mares, Prima Desecha, and Las Ramblas Trail

Level: Moderate

Distance: 8.5 kilometers

Elevation: 270 meters

Route Type: Out and Back

North Los Mares, Prima Desecha, and Las Ramblas Trail offer beautiful views of the city, especially at night. This trail is great for hiking, and you can find lots of inclines. You can have many trail options here, and you can get the chance to see wildlife. Dogs can use this trail, too! 

Trestles Beach 

Level: Easy

Distance: 1.9 kilometers

Elevation: 15 meters

Route Type: Out and Back

Hiking, biking, or running – you can do lots of activities at Trestles Beach as it’s accessible all year round. This out and back trail offers fascinating views of the beach, and you can also find wild flowers. It’s stroller-friendly so that you can loop around this trail with your family. 

Reserve Hills Trail

Level: Moderate

Distance: 6.4 kilometers 

Elevation: 249 meters

Route Type: Loop

Though the 6.4-km Reserve Hills Trail offers little or no shade, you can see great views of the city and the hills. People come here to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and horseback riding. Enjoy looping around this trail with your family, friends, and your dog – if you own one. 

Vista del Sol Park Loop

Level: Easy

Distance: 2.7 kilometers

Elevation: 52 meters

Route Type: Loop

Vista del Sol Park Loop offers awesome and exciting views of the sea. This 2.7-km loop trail is moderately trafficked. You can get the chance to see wildlife as you walk around and enjoy nature tripping. 

Talega Loop

Level: Moderate

Distance: 16.9 km

Elevation: 591 m

Route Type: Loop

Talega Loop has lots of inclinations, and it’s a great place for trail running, hiking, biking, and even nature tripping. The first part of the trail is concrete so that you can have a good run here.  If you’re lucky, you can spot wildlife in this loop.

Rancho San Clemente Ridgeline Trail 

Level: Easy

Distance: 9.2 kilometers 

Elevation: 239 meters 

Route Type: Out and Back

The Rancho San Clemente Ridgeline Trail offers an easy hiking activity for both kids and adults. You can enjoy walking along a paved road with trees and wild flowers on the side.  With concrete road and a few hills, it’s easy to hike on this trail. And if you go to the last hill of this trail, you’ll get amazing views of nature. Bring along your dog, too! Just keep him leashed. People also come here for bird watching, mountain biking, and trail running. 

Forster Ranch Ridgeline Trail

Level: Moderate

Distance: 10.5 kilometers

Elevation: 395 meters

Route Type: Out and Back

Green grass and captivating views. That’s what you can get while hiking at the Forster Ranch Ridgeline Trail.  You can go hiking, trail running and biking here. It’s kid-friendly, and dogs on leash can use this trail. 

So, there you have it! Those are the best hiking trails in San Clemente. Enjoy a pleasant walk, run, or hike under the sun on any of these trails. It’s a fun outdoor activity for you and your family. And the six moderately trafficked trails will surely put you in a good hiking challenge.

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