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Your Guide to San Clemente

611 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, California

The laid-back town of San Clemente is known for its majestic beaches, sunsets, and a lot more amazing things.

One of the best places to enjoy the most of what the city brings is visiting the San Clemente Pier. It’s where most locals and guests spend their free time to relax and unwind. This golden spot is an icon the city where you can dine under blue skies or watch as the sun kisses the horizon. You can search for new things to discover from time to time.

Walk along and immerse yourself in the beauty around you in this 1,296 feet wooden structure in San Clemente. Never miss visiting this place while you’re in town because it’s one of the highlights in Southern Orange County. This Orange County city will accept you with open arms. The beautiful sights are a sign that you’re gonna have a great time.

The Spanish Village by the Sea takes pride in the beauty and fun activities they offer in the pier like fishing and eating out. The recreational activity centers around the pier area or the Pier Bowl. Plus the perfect weather all year round makes visiting the pier more ideal.

To know more about this remarkable place, keep reading on this complete 2019 guide to San Clemente Pier.


The first ever construction of the San Clemente Pier happened way back in 1928 with just a length of 395 meters. It was once one of the centers for alcohol smugglers in Southern California.

STORMS. The 395 meters pier did not withstand the hurricane in 1939 and was destroyed eventually. San Clemente Pier’s rebuilding construction cost around $40,000.

Another massive storm destroyed about 120 meters from the end of the pier and 24 meters of the middle section in 1983. It took two years to rebuild the dock that cost $1.4million for the reconstruction.

San Clemente was further enhanced to cater all the recreational activities they now offer with a renovation that started in October 2009. This wooden structure in Orange County has then become one of the favorite spots by locals and visitors alike.


You can find San Clemente Pier near the end of Del Mar Street. To get here, you can use the two train stops in San Clemente (San Clemente Pier Station and San Clemente North Beach Station.

Most of the drop-offs and pick-ups are at the North Beach station, but you can check Metrolink schedules as they have stops in the pier during the weekend. Amtrak trains run the adjacent beach, providing drop off for coastal travelers.

You can use a private vehicle and drive along the streets of San Clemente using your technology friend for more adventure.


San Clemente’s Pier Bowl area has a 164-space parking lot, bisected by a street. Aside from the parking spaces mentioned, you can also park in parking meters and pay stations. These pay stations are only a few distances from the pier. They charge $1.50 per hour, but locals can acquire annual parking permits at the City’s Utility Billing office at City Hall.



I sure have mentioned how San Clemente takes pride in the beautiful waves of their ocean. Visiting San Clemente Pier will give you access to the main beach in the city, the San Clemente Pier City Beach.

San Clemente Pier City Beach is a wide sandy spot starting from one point of the pier to another. Here you can enjoy different water activities with your family and friends like swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and so much more. But take note that there are designated areas for specific things to do. You can ask the personnel of the beach for the regions.

Try visiting the nearby beaches from the pier as well like T-Street Beach, Corto Lane Beach, and Linda Lane. No dogs are allowed on the beaches.


There’s no perfect activity to appreciate the whole scenery around you than walking. Walking along the 1,296 feet wooden structure in Southern California will be the best strolling you’ll have in the state. We recommend strolling in the pier during sunsets.

Walking in the pier gives you a great view of the people having fun, surfing, fishing, and escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Note that dogs aren’t allowed in the area.

San Clemente Pier has walking paths along the ocean, on both the north and south sides of the pier. The north trail goes straight to the North Beach with a train station at the end.

If you decide to take on the south trail, you’ll pass by T-Street Beach perfect for surfers. It goes straight to San Clemente State Beach. Either path you choose to stroll on will give you breathtaking views.


Fishing is one of the well-loved activities in the pier. Several anglers would flock into the place to spend and forget about the stressors of life for a bit since it’s free. There are five major Piers in Orange County, and San Clemente Pier is one of it.

There’s a fishing pier where you can fish on weekends without any cost. However, you must abide by the size and catch rules to preserve the quality of fishing in the area.


Yes, there might be something about sun-soaked beaches and sunsets, but there’s more to San Clemente pier after sunset. Looking at the sparsely lit coastline will make your heart flutter with joy. After dinner, you can spend a romantic evening walking on the pier or a hiking trail.


What’s a great place without food? Here in San Clemente Pier, you’ll have a lot of choices on where to dine. Check out these food outlets you must try after enjoying a sunny day at the pier.

The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar

611 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

You’ll love going to The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar just before sunset so you can enjoy its majestic view while enjoying a fresh catch. They also serve brunch and offer happy hour specials with only $1 oysters! Sit on their patio, enjoy a drink, and the sunset.

La Galette Creperie

612 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

If you wish to enjoy the perks of visiting the pier early, you can enjoy breakfast here at La Galette Creperie. One of the must-tries in their menu is the Banana Nutella Crepe. Indulge in delicious breakfast choices paired with excellent service at La Galette.

Pierside Restaurant & Bar

610 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

This beach-side restaurant will keep your tummies full while having the best time of your life. They’re passionate about providing the best in food, hospitality, and atmosphere.

If you’re planning to go visit San Clemente Pier, you may browse more from our site or contact us through email and our support team will be glad to help you out with more info.

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