San Clemente

Your Guide to San Clemente

San Clemente is one of the most precious gems in Orange County. It’s famous because of its state beaches, surf breaks, and sandstone bluffs. With coastal trails and plenty of other stuff to do.

Perhaps the best place to go to in San Clemente is the San Clemente Pier. The icon of the city itself and one of the best spots to go to in Orange County. How on earth did this place ever come to life?

Every place, as they say, has a beautiful history. This goes the same with San Clemente Pier. Here’s a short trip to the history of the San Clemente Pier.

The history of the San Clemente Pier started out in 1928, with a span of 1,200 ft. It was rebuilt in 1939 and again in 1983 due to heavy storms that severely damaged the pier. This place was meant to become a wooden municipal fishing and pleasure pier constructed for the citizens of San Clemente at no cost.

Now, San Clemente Pier was rebuilt out of wood in 1985 and spans up to 1,296 feet in length. From then on the pier is a popular place for surfing, sunsets, and relaxing at the beach.

Why Visit the Pier in San Clemente?

There are plenty of activities everyone can do at the pier in San Clemente. You can shop, dine, beach and surf all you want.

Why visit the pier in San Clemente? There are many reasons to visit. Below are some of the reasons why:

  • Coastal Trail Worth Trying For
    The San Clemente Pier is part of a coastal trail. Its trail extends in the coastline for 2.3 miles and a perfect addition to a beach vacation with more of a natural feel. Get a great view of the ocean and the more you follow the trail, it’ll lead you to the old railroad tracks of San Clemente.
  • A Tour at Casa Romantica San Clemente
    Cultural Center & Gardens. Take a look at the estate of San Clemente’s founder, Ole Hanson. You can have access to its stunning vistas and lush gardens. It’s an inexpensive, family-friendly experience for every person who is visiting San Clemente.
  • San Clemente State Beach
    One of the pride of San Clemente is its beaches. The San Clemente State Beach isn’t an exemption to that matter. You can just grab your board, or a chair, bring a few drinks and enjoy a great and relaxing beach experience.
  • Dining and Food Tripping
    San Clemente is bursting with flavors of all kinds of cuisine. There are lots of restaurants in the area. A variety of seafood delicacies can be enjoyed here. You can choose Mexican, traditional American and other cuisines.
  • Surfing and Kayaking
    For all skill levels. San Clemente is one of the several places in the world to surf and kayak. The beach vibes that the city gives off is an ideal start to make your beach vacation perfect.
  • Whale Watching
    You can book a tour during winter season and experience seeing the migration of Gray Whale past San Clemente. Not only that you get to see Gray Whales, but you can also get to see Blue whales during the summer. A fun experience for you and your family.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a place to visit, then go to San Clemente. Take that leave. Pack your bags. Book your flights, hotel, and your car. Indulge yourself in the beauty of San Clemente.

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