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San Clemente attracts tourists and beach lovers with its dramatic ocean views and beautiful waves. The white sand beaches offer the best fascinating escape for visitors to surf, tan their skin, or just enjoy a seaside getaway. For your next travel in 2019, check out the best of California beaches. Start it with San Clemente beaches. They are near to each other that you can enjoy beach hopping from one destination to another.

Dive into the deep water escapades at San Clemente and see its beauty for yourself:


San Clemente welcomes surf lovers from across the globe. Finding what’s there to do in San Clemente today isn’t a problem. Its wave-rich beaches offer more than what the eyes can see. Here’s what you need to know about some of the best beaches in Orange County:

Where can I surf in San Clemente?

The best areas to surf in San Clemente include the stretch from T-Street to Trestles and the beach breaks in between. From beginners to professional surfers, everyone will have the chance to enjoy a day at the beach catching massive breaks.

What beach has fire pits?

T-Street Beach and San Clemente State Beach both have firepits. These San Clemente beaches are famous for being good gathering spots. They have nice parking meter spots and restrooms. San Clemente State Beach also offers the best overlooking view of the ocean where you can picnic and bbq.

For more information about the restrictions on camping, contact the following:

T-Street Beach: (949) 361-8219
San Clemente State Beach: (949) 492-3156

What is the water temp in San Clemente?

Surf Forecast says that the warmest sea temperature in San Clemente was at 19°C/66°F. The coldest was in 2011, which was at 16°C/61°F. This data is based on their historical data for the past 10 years.

Minimum water temperatures in San Clemente


Maximum water temperatures in San Clemente

Are dogs allowed at San Clemente State Beach?

Yes, your dogs are free to join you in San Clemente State Beach. The beach rules say that you have to keep them on a leash. If you have further questions, you can ask for help with the lifeguard or rangers on duty.

Another beach that allows you to bring your dogs is San Onofre State beach. The main area of this state park in San Clemente is called ‘Bluffs Beach.’ It’s popular for its six separate trails. Trail 1 sits closest to the entrance of the park and Trail 6 sit near the end of the street.

Do beaches close?

Some of the beaches in San Clemente close at night. Others are still open, but the metered parking has limited time only. Here are their availability schedules:

North Beach:
Parking Metered: 9:00am-6:00pm

Linda Lane:
Parking Metered: 10:00am-5:00pm

Parking Metered 10:00am-5:00pm

Parking Metered 9:00am-7:00pm

Beaches aren’t on this list don’t have parking metered. They allow parking on the streets. Each site has policies that vary from one another. Make sure to check important schedules before you visit.

San Clemente Beach Trails

Unless you’re an avid hiker, exploring San Clemente Beach Trails might be new to you. Yes, there’s actually a lovely path that walks from Metrolink parking area to Calafia Park. The path stays right next to the coast and Surfliner train too. An area commonly known by those into marathons, you’re to come here also for a bike ride or two.

You can find a map at the start of the trail. It shows the mileage markers. You can make the trail as long or as short as you’d like. The trail itself relatively stays flat all the way through. It makes a perfect place for various athletic abilities.

Upon parking and paying your fees at the entrance, you can start exploring the trail. For the first 3/4ths of a mile, the path is relatively wide as it passes over vernal pools. When you go further, you can reach staircases, then the road and finally the entrances to the beach.

Events in San Clemente Beaches

San Clemente Ocean Festival promotes and supports ocean safety, the environment, and the community. This volunteer organization provides various local athletic and family events. Going beyond swimming, their events include…

Athletic Events

  • Tandem Boogie Board contest
  • NEW Pier Bowl Surf Classic
  • Dory boat races
  • 5K beach run
  • One-mile ocean swim.

Youth & Family Events

  • Kid’s Dolphin Dash
  • ‘Groms Rule’ Surf Contest
  • Fishing Derby
  • FREE beach concert
  • Sand Sculpting Contest
  • Woody Car Exhibits
  • Ocean Art Show

Known as the ‘Spanish Village by the Sea,’ the city of San Clemente has also successfully paddled its way to acing the surfing tourism industry. Many recreational parks are now available for everyone. Slowly, this little town in San Diego became a center of attraction for every fun-loving from soul across the globe. Enjoy great activities with your loved ones as you explore this southern gem called San Clemente.

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