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Famous for its rich Spanish heritage, San Clemente attracts tourists with its dramatic views, coastal lifestyle, and exhilarating waves.

San Clemente was named as the ‘Spanish Village by the Sea’ by former Mayor Ole Hanson. The former Seattle mayor developed the city in the 1920s and had a lot of Spanish influence since the development. This city is known for its wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, and fertile soil. It has been one of the most favored vacation spots in Southern California among those who love the sea.

The place is surrounded by white sand beaches with beautiful waves. It has become the home to most surfers and beach lovers. Anyone can be in a total relaxation by the beach and have a sun-kissed skin while enjoying a sunbath or a walk on its beach trails.

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If you want to be in the ocean surfing or bodyboarding, San Clemente offers many surf breaks that vary for beginners to professionals. With many coastal trails and viewpoints, San Clemente is truly a gem on Southern California.

Are you a fishing enthusiast? The San Clemente Pier offers you a great place to cast that fishing rod with a cold beer.

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