San Clemente

Your Guide to San Clemente

Restaurants in San Clemente

We always find happiness and satisfaction with food. Is there a reason not to? The taste of different flavors in your mouth allows you to explore the beauty if living.

In San Clemente, you can go all day living your life and drop by to enjoy good food with its restaurants. This coastal city in Orange County will offer you different cuisines so you can go and explore the real essence of food while enjoying the view around you.

Restaurants in San Clemente can offer you delectable dishes and excellent service from dusk until dawn. Breakfast joints and coffee shops will greet you in the morning. Brunch restaurants are also a favorite spot for people who don’t have time for breakfast. Snack bars, ice cream shops, and more is the perfect place to hang out in the afternoon. Fancy eateries, steakhouses, fresh seafood, and barbecue restaurants will help you end your day just right. You can go to a local bar enjoying a couple of drinks or a glass of wine in the remaining hours of the day (especially on a Friday or Saturday night).

Here you can explore from one cuisine to another. Craving for something Asian? Grab your chopsticks in Chinese and other Asian Restaurants. Or go for Italian, Mexican, or Mediterranean. A few of San Clemente restaurants also cater to family or corporate events.

We have neatly organized all the restaurants in San Clemente. Now you can easily find a restaurant that will satisfy your current hunger. Browse through each restaurant’s menu or try their special for the day. You might even discover a new place from our list for your next food adventure.


Happy Hour. Another great gimmick of the dining places in the south of California is the happy hour specials. At this time, the kitchen offers a limited part of their menu but for a lower price.

Delivery Services. Feeling a little bit under the weather or want to skip the lines? There are restaurants in San Clemente with a website or affiliate with delivery apps so you can order online from your computer or cellphone. You can also contact them through their phone number and ask for delivery services.

Music. There are also places in San Clemente where you can indulge in great food and music. Featuring the city’s local bands, they’ll serenade your heart and stomach.

Location. San Clemente is a beach city. Dining under the sun while getting a perfect view of the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. You can find tons, we promise. It will give you access to one of nature’s beauty and good food.