Your Guide to San Clemente
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Riviera Beach

The Riviera Beach is a very wide beach which is located in south San Clemente, CA. It’s so wide that you can still enjoy a good sunbath or a beach volleyball game on the shore even during high tides. You can enjoy a walk or a bike ride up to the San Clemente Pier because the San Clemente Coastal Trail passes by here.

You may find it difficult to access this public beach. The best and easiest way to locate the Riviera Access is by going to 2300 Plaza A La Playa.

You can also follow these directions from South I-5: Turn right on the Ola Vista from the Avenida Califa. Then go left on the La Riviera. Go right on Monte Cristo and then drive left on the La Costa. You can then reach the access after turning right on the La Playa.

There are no facilities at the Riviera Beach. You can hop over the Calafia Beach for public facilities on the beach. It’s just a short walk to the south on the beach or the trail.

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