San Clemente

Your Guide to San Clemente

This beach is San Clemente’s main city beach and is one of its finest. The San Clemente Pier Beach has wide sandy spots on the pier between the T-Street Beach and the Linda Lane Beach.

This beach has a beautiful setting with palm trees and grassy areas near its entrance. You may not have a problem parking your car at this place. There’s a wide parking area at the Parque del Mar City Park which provides access to the San Clemente Pier. This city park also gives access to the beach, shops, and restaurants. The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar is one of the many restaurants to go to when visiting the San Clemente Pier City Beach.

Walk through the 1296 foot long walk out to the end of this wooden pier and get a Mediterranean feel. Fishermen and fishing enthusiasts drop lines into the water from here. Surfers also enjoy waiting for the perfect wave under the pier.

Here are some more interesting facts and guide to San Clemente Pier.

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