Your Guide to San Clemente
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T Street Beach

The T-Street Beach is part of the San Clemente City Beach system. This beach is located at the west end of Esplanade Street in San Clemente, CA. This is why the T Street Beach is sometimes called Esplanade Beach. At the ‘T’ intersection of Esplanade and Paseo De Cristobal, There’s a pedestrian overpass over the railroad tracks from their parking areas.

The city government maintains the facilities of this palm tree-lined beach. There are also lifeguards available when the place is busy. North of the T Street Beach is the San Clemente Pier which is an excellent spot for taking pictures.

People also enjoy surfing here. But they have to follow the rules on when and where surfing is allowed to avoid conflicts with other beachgoers.

You can walk to the pier by the San Clemente Coastal Trail or to other San Clemente beaches.

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