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There’s no dining experience as good as the one in a spellbinding steakhouse. Well, who doesn’t love steak? We see fancy eateries and high-end restaurants serving delectable steaks served in different sauces. Surely, anyone won’t miss trying every steak dish served in these establishments.

Each steak lover can have his own choice on how it’ll be prepared. Cooking any type of this meat from rare to well-done, steakhouses in San Clemente can satisfy your craving.

You wouldn’t want to miss visiting steakhouses in San Clemente. No matter how you want your steak done, every steakhouse here in San Clemente will put justice to every penny spent. You’ll also love the sauces and the wines that go with every steak. Find your favorite steakhouse this 2019 in this beautiful city here.

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What’s The Best Steak To Get At A Steakhouse Restaurant?

Expecting to have high-quality beef in well-known local steakhouses is normal. Expert USDA inspectors grade the beef based on the amount of fat specs and age of the cattle before the beef is harvested.

The younger the beef and the greater the marbling, the better.

There are eight (8) USDA grade levels of beef. Only the top three levels are sold to you, the consumer. Prime is the best grade, followed by Choice and the Select.

When you visit steakhouses in San Clemente and expect for USDA Prime and USDA Choice graded beef, then visit the highest rated steakhouses in the locale. They exclusively serve the best-quality beef. Looking to enjoy the most tender, juicy, and flavorful steak comes easy when you find the right restaurant to fit your taste.

What Are The Best Steaks To Order?

The most popular steaks for broiling (dry heat) or grilling comes from the short loin, rib sections, and tenderloins. Taste is based on preferences but juiciness and tenderness is important to enjoy steak. Below are the top five most popular in the menu of top steakhouses:

1. Tenderloin Filet

Also famous as Filet Mignon, Tenderloin Filet is a favorite for its tenderness and little fat marbling. Since it’s both tender and lean, it’s the best choice for those watching their fat intakes. It offers the mildest flavor compared to other cuts.

Since only a little fat renders into the steak as it cooks, it’s not as juicy as other cuts. It also tends to be dry when cooked beyond medium.

One-Eleven Coastal serves 8oz Filet Mignon. Try their Tender, lean & succulent filet that’s known for its perfection. It comes with veggies like brocolini and asparagus. Try this prime grade steak in a casual atmosphere, perfect for a night to remember.

2. Ribeye Steak

If you’re a fan of abundant fat marbling, then the Ribeye steak got to be your favorite. It’s considered the juiciest and the most flavorful of all steaks.

Real aficionados tend to lean on this cut. It’s beefy and fatty. Some people might find this too fatty.

Nick’s is known as one of Orange County’s most excellent restaurants. It continues to prove its worth by serving sliced ribeye that comes with warm potato salad, bacon mustard vinaigrette, and mixed greens. You can also enjoy it with a blue cheese wedge, Campari tomatoes, and house-made croutons.

You can enjoy its bone-in option, and yes, it’s from the same cut as a standing rib roast. When it’s roasted, it’s called Prime Rib. When you order it sliced into steaks and broiled or grilled, it’s now called a ribeye chop.

If you like the bone-in option than the sliced, then Vine is the place for you. This steakhouse in San Clemente offers its Double R Ranch Bone-In Rebeye Steak. It comes with blue cheese mashed potatoes, and oyster mushroom. You can also enjoy it with summer vegetables and champagne choron sauce.

One Eleven also serves 42oz of Bone-in Ribeye. Have a sumptuous dinner for two as this delicious steak is good for two servings.

3. New York Strip

Also called a Kansas City, The New York, might be the best steak when you consider fat content and tenderness. It’s got less fat than a ribeye. Some steakhouses in San Clemente feature a bone-in version.

Get your taste of Marbled & beefy 14oz New York from One Eleven. This restaurant is known for its meticulous servings of dishes, and this steak cut proves this place’s attention to detail. You can also find other choices like seafood and vegetable dishes.

Pair it with your favorite wine during its happy hours, weekdays, from 4 pm- 6 pm. Check out its website for more details and reservations.

4. T-Bone Steak

If you’re bringing a big appetite as you visit steakhouses in San Clemente, then having the T-Bone is a good choice. It’s two steaks in one. Have no worries about picking between a New York Strip Steak and Tenderloin Filet. This cut features both of them that are separated by a T-Bone.

If you prefer your steak medium-well and well-done, take note of this: the meat that sits next to the T-Bone is difficult to reach. Cooking that part is hard without overcooking the entire steak.

5. Porterhouse Steak

For big meat eaters, the Porterhouse Steak offers a better portion compared to the T-Bone. It’s the larger version that’s cut from further up the loin section. This cut comes with a larger piece of tenderloin filet.

This cut doesn’t usually come in less than 20 ounces. It’s the perfect steak to have when you wish to share it, offering both the flavors of Filet Mignon and New York Strip.

You can find a handful of restaurants across southern California that serves top-rated beef cuts. At times, you might be lucky enough to find a fine plate at a local grill and bar. It’s good to know that San Clemente offers more than hours of beach fun.

Have a happy meal as you indulge in the best restaurants in the city. Don’t hesitate to ask for your chosen cut and see what the restaurant got. Enjoying good food with your family in a fancy location comes easy at the local steakhouses in San Clemente.

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