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One of the many cuisines that southern California can offer to its residents and guests is Mexican food. Most people in the US love Mexican cuisine. Mexican cooking can come in various methods and tastes. Whether you’re up for spicy, flavorful dishes or delicious desserts, grabbing Mexican food can satisfy your hunger. You can go to any Mexican restaurant in San Clemente and have a hearty meal.

Some Mexican food you can name are tacos, quesadillas, tamales, huaraches, and alambres.

If you’re craving for Mexican dishes in Orange County, you’ve got almost unlimited choices here. The region does not only have Spanish influence, but it also captivates everyone who loves Mexican food. In 2019, finish your search for the best Mexican restaurants in San Clemente. Find your next favorite dish from the list below:

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Why choose Mexican food?

One wonderful fact about the world famous Mexican cuisine is that the people of the North Region of Mexico like have meaty dishes. The people of the southern state like having chicken and vegetables as the primary ingredients of their meals. If you’ve found a restaurant that serves both, then you’ve found a fusion of the two!

As to why Mexican restaurants are famous across the globe, here are the 5 reasons why:

1. Healthy is here

With its many healthy ingredients, it’s easy to see why health buffs love Mexican food so much. Most dishes in this cuisine include all food groups. You can get healthy fats from avocados, proteins from savory meats, and carbs from beans.

Every meal offers the perfect mix of meat and vegetables. When properly cooked and combined, you can enjoy essential minerals and vitamins your body needs.

2. Spicy is hot

If you’re a fan of crazy spicy dishes, Mexican cuisine offers you great options. Packed with vibrant seasonings, your cravings for spicy flavors will surely be fulfilled.

3. Favorite for its flavors

Mexican food is a full package of spices bursting with flavors in every bite. These spices are there to give a fresh and pungent taste. Whether you wish for juicy beef or savory chicken or fresh vegetables, you will never experience a bland bite.

The most common flavors you can find here include onion and garlic. Both of these spices are used in their fresh and dried form. Other typical flavors you can find here also includes cumin, chili powder, coriander, and oregano. With these spices, even plain rice can become more flavorful.

Aside from the intense flavors, wonderful aroma can is also part of authentic Mexican dishes. All these and more will convince you to fall in love with Mexico and its savory food.

4. Merry with Margarita!

If chips got salsa, Mexican dishes got a margarita. The pair is so perfect every Mexican food fan can’t help a little booze when enjoying their favorite dish. Margarita is a mixture of tequila and lemon or lime juice. It’s often served with sugar or salt.

You usually get them in your favorite local bar and grill, but not with Mexican dishes. This time, you have to try combining them. Find out why the two should come as a pair.

5. Awe in options

Mexican restaurants are known for their wide variety of options fit for everyone’s taste buds. Some common Mexican food dishes include:

  • Burritos
  • Carne Asada
  • Chile Rellenos
  • Chimichangas
  • Enchiladas
  • Fajitas
  • Flautas
  • Tacos (Asada, Lengua, Pescado, and Fish tacos)
  • Tamales
  • Taquitos

There’s no wonder why the Mexican cuisine is such a piece of news in the United States. With so many options available for diners, you can try something new every time you visit a Mexican restaurant.

If you’re trying to decide which restaurant to visit with friends, Mexican restaurants are a good choice. Your friends and family will enjoy both the festive atmosphere and delicious food. These restaurants perfect locations to enjoy festive vibes.

Do you have parties to host? Availing catering services with authentic Mexican food is a good idea. You can skip introducing every dish to your guest. They most likely know each one of them.

Cinco de Mayo must have done the job for you. With every dish’s delicious flavors, they are a great way to please your guests.

Where to find the best Mexican food in San Clemente?


Packed with grilled meats and vegetables, Fajitas remain a healthy alternative if you’re craving for Mexican food. Fajitas usually come on a sizzling platter, perfect with all the trimmings on the side. Go ahead and assemble your ratio of vegetable to meat and toppings. If you can’t finish them all, pack up the rest for later’s delight.

Get your Fajitas in San Clemente at La Siesta Restaurant. Aside from offering friendly customer service, you can also find the best original Mexican food here. You can enjoy your picks in the most relaxed atmosphere they have here.

Their menu has lots of must-try! Try one visit and notice how you’re hooked with every bite. For starters, check out their taco Tuesdays.

Un-Fried Mains

Complete your Mexican restaurant escapade with some unfried main choices. Get your enchiladas, burritos, tamales, and soft-shell tacos. Make sure to choose corn tortillas over flour. In San Clemente, you can get these dishes for reasonable prices at La Tiendita.

This restaurant is a top choice for Mexican food fans in Orange County. Burritos here are huge, and everything is made fresh. Find great selections of authentic foods as you dine in a cozy sitting area by the patio. Try their soft tacos, tostada, and combo plates.


Salads usually come with shredded iceberg lettuce with guacamole and tomato. The Shwack Cantina in San Clemente offers great barbecue chicken salad and the shrimp quest dip. There’s no day in the kitchen of this Mexican restaurant that it doesn’t serve fresh salads.

It also has reasonable prices and excellent customer services. Now it’s easy to see why this Mexican restaurant keeps pulling guests over the years.

Tortilla Soup or Posole

Soup might not usually come to mind when coming to your neighborhood Mexican joint. If you want to try something new, then you should try to order tortilla soup and posole. These Mexican dishes are both relatively low-calorie and rich in flavor. Try ordering a cup for an appetizer in place of chips and dip.

In San Clemente, Los Patios serves the best Mexican tortilla soup in town. Enjoy this savory broth topped with tortilla chips. Garnished with onions, cilantro, cheese, and avocado, it’s the perfect Mexican dish to try in one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.

Craving for authentic Mexican flavors? Go ahead and contact your choice of Mexican restaurants in San Clemente now and eat your heart out with the best Mexican dishes you love.

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