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San Clemente Seafest 2019

Event Details

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Every year, San Clemente hosts a seafood feast with activities related to the sea and its bounty. Locals and visitors flock the San Clemente Pier to witness this exciting event.

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, everyone is invited to join the 32nd Annual San Clemente Seafest. The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce hosts this beautiful occasion.

The sponsors for this year’s event are:

  • Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar
  • Southern California Edison
  • CR&R Environmental Services
  • The Toll Roads of Orange County
  • Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • Murf Electric Bikes
  • The Crab Pot
  • The City of San Clemente
  • Catalyst
  • Universal Press
  • Cassano’s Pizza
  • San Clemente High School
  • Sign Lingo

The Seafest is a one-day event which features various games, exhibits, and shows. Highlights of the event include:

  • Chili Cook-Off Competition
  • Fisherman’s Lobster
  • Business Exposition
  • Arts & Crafts Shows
  • Surf Contest
  • Children & Teen Contests
  • Complementary Arts & Crafts for Kids
  • U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue Operation (Demo)

All activities will be held at the San Clemente Pier. Here is a little information about the upcoming games and activities.

Chili Cook-off Competition

Citizens, restaurants, and businesses will vie for the best tasting chili in town! Locals and guest will witness the participants cook at least twenty gallons of chili. They’ll also get to taste various cooking of chili.

Business Teams

This activity is an excellent opportunity for food businesses to promote their goods & services. They’ll make their version of cooking chili and market it to the audience/people who will join the event.

As a contestant in this category, unleash your decorating skills while creating an attractive booth that reflects your enterprise. It’s also where you will display your goods. Your company name will appear in different advertisements if you participate in the Chili Cook-Off competition. And If your business wins the contest, your business will be featured in the local newspapers.

Individual Teams

Individual teams and organizations participate in this annual event. They showcase their favorite recipes in the competition. Some of these food displayed are even family recipes passed down from generations. Contestants in this category also decorate their booths and display their specialty dishes. They often bring their friends and family for added fun during the competition.


Representatives from restaurants in town showcase their best-tasting chili to everyone. This competition offers a terrific way to market their restaurant business. Plus, guests of the annual Seafest event will surely visit your restaurant even after the contest to try more of their sumptuous menu.

Public Tasting

Those who will participate in the public tasting portion of the event will decide can buy tickets for tasting before or during the event. They’re called spectators, and they have the option to determine which contestants chili they’d like to try. Tickets cost $10, and with every ticket, you’ll have the chance to do five tastes. Public Chili tasting will start at about 9:30 AM and will end around 1:30 PM.


Participants will receive a judging cup once they join in the competition. And at about 9:15 AM, all contestants will serve their chili to the judging booth. Then, people will decide on the overall Best Tasting Chili using point basis.

There’ll be various awards in this competition. One of them is the Best Decorated Booth award. Judges will check on the originality of their costumes, creativity, and booth decorations.

There’ll be a ballot for individual Chili taster’s, and the participant with the most number of votes wins The People’s Choice award.

Awards Categories

Awards are presented to the top 4 winners in each of the following categories:

  • Best Chili Individual
  • Best Decorated Individual
  • People’s Choice Individual
  • Best Chili Restaurant
  • Best Decorated Restaurant
  • People’s Choice Restaurant
  • Favorite Chili
  • The Originality of Costume and Booth Decoration

Chili Cook-Off Schedule

Time Activity
6:00 AM – 7:00 AM Set-up Cooking Area
9:15 AM Contestants Deliver Chili to Judges
9:30 AM Public Tasting BeginsJudging Begins
1:00 PM People’s Choice Voting Ends
3:00 PM Announcement of Winners

Surf Classic Competition

Local surfers come to join in the 22nd annual CATALYST Surf Classic competition at the Seafest. These surfers compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.

Other Contests

The event isn’t only for adults and businesses. There will also be games for kids and teens. Contests organized for this year’s event are the following:

  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Jump Rope
  • Tortilla Toss Contest.

Fresh Seafood

If you’re fond of seafood, the Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar will be serving various food and specialties at the beach. Enjoy a selection of freshly made seafood such as lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams, and much more.

Business Exposition

The Seafest will be packed with people from the city and even from other places. It’ll be a terrific opportunity for businesses to showcase their goods and serves. The business expo will surely give all companies direct contact with many potential customers.

Arts and Crafts Exhibits

There’ll be an arts & crafts show at the Seafest event. You’ll see a display of handcrafted merchandise from various talented individuals from California.

Arts and Crafts Activity for Kids

Children will be able to participate in the complimentary arts & crafts activity during the event. They’ll learn how to make key chains, necklaces, and bracelets using beads, draw stickers, and face painting.

Actual Demonstration

The US Coast Guard Search and Rescue will be performing a demo operation during the event. Witness how this brave team performs their life-saving duties at the beach.


When you sponsor for the Seafest event, you’ll get an opportunity to expose your business and services to the public. Sponsorship also helps build your reputation toward your community. The Chamber usually announces its sponsors and will be honored to introduce your business at this family event.

Free Shuttle Parking

For those who will go and participate in the event, get a free shuttle parking at the San Clemente High School, 700 Ave. Pico. Free parking will be available from 10:00 AM until 3:00 AM.

The Seafest be a blast of entertainment and fun! So, mark your calendars and don’t miss this exciting yearly event in San Clemente! For queries and other information, you can call the San Clemente Chamber Office at (949) 492-1131.

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