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Tesla Supercharger

101 W Avenida Vista Hermosa, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

The Tesla Supercharger lets you charge on the road. You can stop your electric car along and recharge at one of the famous fast-charging stations of Tesla.

While electric cars are on the rise, Tesla is also making ways to expand their Superchargers so you and your electric vehicles can go places.

These superchargers recharge electric vehicles for about 30 minutes. And that’s all you need to get back on the road.

Tesla is building a supercharging network so you can easily access to charging stations anywhere in the country. This network aims to charge your car battery with enough electricity to make it to the next supercharger station on your route until you reach your destination.

Once you finally reach your destination, Level 2 Destination Chargers can help you recharge the car battery at places like hotels and restaurants. You can have a place to rest or grab food while your car recharges.

How Much Does Recharging with Superchargers Cost?

Tesla Superchargers charge either per minute spent at the charging station or per kWh of electricity delivered to your vehicle.
Prices can be a little bit higher when recharging at Supercharger stations because Tesla has to cover the maintenance expenses and building rent.

When To Use A Supercharger

If you’re planning for a long-distance trip, Superchargers offer you solutions while traveling on the road. Daily charging isn’t encouraged because doing this can easily reduce the car’s battery life.

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