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EVgo Charging Station

638 Camino De Los Mares, San Clemente, CA 92673, USA

EVgo is another fast-charging network for electric vehicles. You can also find these charging stations around San Clemente.

EVgo operates over 1,000 DC fast chargers and more than 300 Level 2 charging units.

EVgo offers the best driving experience by providing fast charging stations and public access. Every unit can also recharge a car up to 8 times faster than other charging networks.

With EVgo rapidly expanding their electric car charging stations everywhere in the country, every electrically-driven vehicle will have convenience going places.

Most of EVgo stations contain DC Fast 50kW chargers. These units can recharge your car to about 80% within half an hour. Level 2 electric chargers can charge up vehicles up to 25 mph.

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