Your Guide to San Clemente
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San Clemente Beach Front Homes

San Clemente is blessed with a beautiful coastline. That’s why a lot of people visit the Orange County city. It’s no brainer why San Clemente beachfront homes are such a hit.

Many would agree that owning a beachfront home in this city is a dream come true, right on the sand. Imagine waking up every day and feeling the sea breeze from your window. We’d say that’s priceless.

If you’re looking for this specific type of property, you can look in different communities in San Clemente, especially the southwest part of the town. Neighborhoods like La Ladera, Cyprus Shore, and Cotton Point Estates are some of the areas where you can try to find your very own San Clemente beachfront home. Cotton Point Estates was previously where President Richard Nixon’s ‘Casa Pacifica’ Western White House is located. All of these communities offer breathtaking views of the beach right on the sand.

We have a list of available San Clemente beachfront houses open in the market today! Please browse through our list below and find a place to call your home.

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