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Maintaining an artificial turf isn’t as easy as mopping smooth floors. If you’re looking for the right people to keep your lawns clean, go to Turfresh.


Most people don’t know where to turn to for professional artificial grass cleaning and may underestimate the importance of it. If you don’t keep your lawns clean, both debris will accumulate, and bacteria will thrive in it. Also, the turf won’t drain properly because of debris build up. Bacteria will also settle from the urines of your livestock and causes terrible odor on the artificial turf.


With TurFresh, you’ll be assured of a clean and good-smelling yard. For sure, you, your pets, and your guests can enjoy outdoor fun in your yard. Well, there’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air!




  • Improve drainage to prevent bacteria growth
  • Eliminate and protect against odors
  • Remove debris, pet hair, and weeds
  • Clean and eliminate bacteria
  • Make your turf last longer
  • Improve the overall appearance of your yard
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