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What other than Soap2Day sites to watch TV shows for free

Watching popular TV shows is one of the best sources of both recreation and entertainment. There are several sites on the Web that allow you to watch TV shows online at no cost. All you need is a stable Internet connection. A small selection is below.

What other than Soap2Day sites to watch TV shows for free


This is a free streaming service just like Soap2day, and there is no need to register to watch content on it. Unlike its competitors, ShareTV focuses exclusively on TV shows, so you won't find any feature-length movies here.

Conveniently, if an episode is missing from ShareTV's library, the resource indicates where you can find it to watch the entire season. This is just a great feature. Of course, the service doesn't offer movies, but it's still a great free option for watching streaming content.

CW Seed

This is a great platform to watch TV shows online for free, mostly because of the collection. The resource is completely legal and has a nice interface. Your favorite TV shows are available here.

What's also interesting about this platform is that it's available with DC animated series, but you don't need to access any kind of subscription to do so. You can browse the content without any problems. Categorization is also available.


This is another platform for watching TV shows online for free and in good quality. Like competitive sites, this resource allows you to watch TV shows sorted by different categories, such as action, adventure, crime, family, comedy and more. You can also do this by IMBD rating, storyline, duration, quality, latest, ratings, and also in alphabetical order.

Noxx provides an opportunity to watch not only popular, but also currently broadcast TV shows. In addition, if you access the site with a VPN, there will be no ads or pop-ups.


This is a great platform for users who like to watch TV shows about superheroes. You can do this online, for free and without any registration. In addition, high-quality content is delivered to the consumer at a good speed.

CM TV has a large collection of animated and original DC TV shows. Unfortunately, the resource deletes content at regular intervals, so what the user watched today may not be found in 2-3 months.


This site offers both new and beloved TV shows, but to access them you need to go through the registration procedure and create a free account.

The interface of the resource is perfectly organized and looks modern. All the content here is perfectly categorized, such as: "Best Shows," "Genres," "Trends," "Airing Now," and "Top 200."

Sure, it's a free platform, but you can find some great TV shows here that are available on premium platforms like Netflix. And most of its content is available in HD quality, and with good sound quality.

The content here is updated regularly. The platform works with any device and offers ad-free streaming.


All of the streaming services listed above are free and do not require registration to be able to use them. With just a few clicks, you can see something new and exciting! Of course, there are other free services with TV shows, but most of them will require registration.

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